3 Ways to Reward Your Hardworking Employees

As a boss, it’s important to keep your company running like a good oiled machine. You must be authoritative so that your employees respect you and stay at work. However, you are very strict and do not want to claim. They want your employees to be commended for all the hard work they put into your company. Your employees will only want to increase their productivity and do better if you reward them for their efforts.

Throw a stuffed barbecue

When the weather is nice enough, there is nothing better than a day of drinking beer and eating burgers. Especially after a long one week coop up in the office. This is a great way to celebrate if your team does exceptionally well overall. Cook some hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers on the grill. Order a hot wing bar for the day. Add some potato, macaroni and fruit salad as a vegetarian alternative. Be sure to pack a cooler with beer, wine cooler and soda. Host a barbecue in your backyard and invite guests to bring a bathing suit. If you feel uncomfortable inviting your employees to your home, host a barbecue in the local state park.

Create a point system

Implementing a point system is a great way to track the personal progress of each employee. Point systems may seem childish because it is a technique that many teachers use on students. However, adulthood does not prevent you from earning a treat or finding this method effective. You can set points for completing projects ahead of time, coming to work on time, and doing random tasks of kindness. The more points employees score, the better rewards they get. Prizes can start as mugs, T-shirts and water bottles and can go as far as TVs, coffee machines and trips.

Give the gift of knowledge

Even if your staff graduates from college, they should never stop learning. There are still plenty of ways for your employees to acquire new skills. Pay for an employee’s online course. Take them to a seminar or conference to gain knowledge from influential people in their field and network. Subscribe to your team for sites that teach skills relevant to your business or their personal interests. Providing educational opportunities for your employees not only rewards them for their good work but also benefits your company because they can contribute these new skills to their projects.

It is much easier to run a business if you have a good team behind you. It is important to commend them for their efforts so that they feel good about contributing to the company.

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