A new CB is coming in September 2021

Refocused and Revived, Canada’s Most Influential Business Magazine, will help readers connect with leaders who are innovating in this country.

Business is changing in Canada – and so on Canadian business.

Trusted by executives and entrepreneurs for nearly a century, the country’s leading business magazine is re-focused, re-energized and ready for its exciting re-launch this October. Online and in print, the publication will offer everything from inspiring profiles to unique thought leadership that reflects the changing look of business from coast to coast – and keeping an eye on global trends.

“Business leaders today are not what they were a decade ago – or even five years ago,” said Charlotte Herald, its newly appointed editor-in-chief. Canadian business. “They are young, diverse and progressive minded. They are working to build a better future for Canada by encouraging meaningful change, not just looking down the line. “

Already with this change, the upward effects of COVID-19 have brought these leaders – and their border-pushing ideas – even further. As they help Canada “thrive” in the post-epidemic world, Canadian business They will be there to provide inspiration and resources for their important work.

That’s something Canadian business Has been doing this for over 90 years. The magazine was started in 1928 as a newsletter of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Although its content was highly bureaucratic, its goal (and chamber) was high: to foster a spirit of cooperation among business leaders – and in doing so, to encourage innovation and improve the economy.

2021 and beyond, Canadian business About uniting the business community of the country. And whether you’re a small business owner or an industry captain, there are real benefits to joining our community. Sign up now Our e-newsletter is a great way for us to challenge the status quo to learn more about our relaunch and show new ways to do business. Among them, our Canadian Business Leadership Circle provides exclusive insights and experiences courtesy of a new C Suite-Level Executive each month, while our CB Insider membership program will help you connect with other business leaders across Canada.

Because leaders do all this. They communicate with clarity and authenticity. They embrace change. They build relationships with purpose. Exactly what you can expect from the new Canadian business.

To be one of the first to get access to new Canadian business opening issues, as well as access to customer events and more, Subscribe now for a special rate of $ 24 for 8 (eight) issues (Regular price $ 40).

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