America’s Top 4cm Truck Brand

If you are looking for a new Semi to acquire, perhaps to add to your fleet or to start your own business, then you need to go for one that is made by one of the top brands in the United States. Fortunately, there are already several options for you to choose from. This article lists some of the top semi-truck brands in America that you can consider when buying your big rig.


Volvo is one of the fastest growing brands in the United States. In online source research, you can probably find Volvo semi truck for sale Very affordable. Whether you go shopping for a new or used semi-truck, you are sure to be backed by a strong dealer network. This means you won’t have a hard time finding parts for your Volvo truck.


Another leading brand of truck manufacturers in the United States is Freightliner, also known as the maker of best-selling trucks, dominating more than 40% of the commercial truck market. They offer a variety of trucks that you can choose from medium to heavy-duty, as well as the vehicles that drive them. Natural gas. They are even forced to abandon electric commercial vehicles soon.


Most experienced truckers go for Kenworth trucks because of their many features such as the technology on them. This creates a smooth ride for any truck driver who spends most of his time on the road. However, they tend to be heavier because of the materials used to make them. Overall, Kenworth accounts for 14% of the commercial truck market in the United States, with annual revenues of 19 19.1 billion.


Peterbilt is one of the most established truck brands in the United States, operating for over 80 years. If you are looking for tough but reliable big rigs, you have to go for Peterbilt. Peterbilt bodies are usually made of aluminum, which means they are usually lighter and more fuel-efficient. Since it is an iconic truck brand, you can probably find its logo not only on trucks you see on the highway but also on other truck-made products such as hats and apparel. Interestingly, Peterbilt came from the truck PackerWhich is the same company owned by Kenworth.

Bottom line

The truck brands listed above are just some of the big names you can consider when it comes to Manufacturers of large rigs. While some of these brands are much more established than others when it comes to the year of operation, the new ones are proving that they also have a place in the market. Just keep in mind that in addition to the big rig brand, there are other factors that you still need to consider before getting a truck for your fleet.

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