Startup Marketing: How To Splash With A Zero Marketing Budget

When you start a business, it can be difficult to attract potential customers and bring people to your side.

Of course, marketing is the key to any successful business, but for startups and micro businesses, finding money to promote your products and services can be virtually impossible.

However, not all is lost.

Below, we’ve put together some of the best free methods to help you find more customers, improve brand awareness, and promote your products online to take your business to the top.

  • Write more content for your blog

Chances are you know a lot more about your niche than the next person, to use it to your advantage and to create valuable content that your readers will want to share and communicate with.

Content marketing has a wide range of benefits, at least it gives you the ability to position yourself as an authority in your industry and help you find more potential customers.

Get started with informative content like tutorials, how-to guides, reviews, case studies and product demonstrations and over time, as you build an audience you will be able to respond to user needs and post more personalized content for your specific target market. .

One way to find out what kind of content your customers want to read is to hold a focus group, or publish several blogs across different topics and see which one works best.

Keep experimenting with new ideas until you find a winning content marketing layout. The sooner you know what your audience wants to read, the sooner you’ll be able to connect with them and push them through your sales funnel, turning them into customers.

  • Run Basic On-Site SEO

All businesses want to rank well in search engines for competitive positions, as this can help drive organic traffic to their websites and introduce their brands to new visitors.

If you manage to rank high for competitive terms as a startup business, however, you can start from day one and open your business to hundreds of new customers.

Good SEO can be a really powerful tool for your website and business – you need to know what to do.

Although some search engine optimization strategies require skill and time, you can do a lot of small tweaks to your website to effectively increase your rank overnight.

  1. Install an SEO plugin: SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO are designed to reduce the stress of managing a website. Use the plugin’s functionality to add meta descriptions and keywords to posts, add social media metadata, and more.
  2. Decide on keywords: Don’t start typing until you have picked the right keywords. Ask for help or use a free keyword tool to find search terms that can be easily ranked and attract searches every month. Once you’ve decided, you can incorporate them into your content.
  3. Send a Sitemap to Google: Create a sitemap for your website using a WordPress plugin or tool and submit it to Google through the Search Console. This will give Google a clear map of your site and its internal pages so that it can rank higher.
  4. Content page bulk up: The more content you have on your pages, such as your product page and homepage, the better Try to bulk them up to at least 1,000 words of valuable text, and as a result you will see rankings improve over time.
  • Create links through guest blogging

If you love writing lots of content and want to take your SEO campaign to the next level, one way is to start guest blogging on other websites.

Guest blogging not only gives you the opportunity to build links to increase your site’s domain authority, but it also helps you become a better writer – and it puts your brand and your name in front of a new, established audience.

To start a guest blogging strategy, first, decide which websites you want to write for. Chances are you won’t find a contributing slot in the Daily Mail or The Huffington Post overnight, so keep your sights low and find respectable, genuine blogs in your niche that are taking content from others.

Once you’ve found a couple you think is appropriate, send a pitch and let the blogger know that you’re interested in writing for them. If they accept, work to write some great content for their website and promote it after it is published.

Guest blogging is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and business owners in your niche and you can often make new friends in the comments section and on social media.

Guest blogging is a transactional exchange between a webmaster and a blogger, try to move away from that idea and instead think of big pictures and possibilities in each guest blogging placement. Even if you can’t find new clients, you’ll still make new contacts.

  • Create a buzz on social media

Social media is, without a doubt, one of the most effective marketing strategies for small business owners, so don’t delay in signing up for profiles on every major network. Once you’ve set up an account, written biography, and added your logo and a featured image, work on creating content that your audience wants to share with their friends. Put it this way: The more people who share your content and interact with your brand, the more reach you will have.

If you want to stand out from the competition, create your own social media content. Photoshop can be used to create attractive GIFs and graphics; Your blog posts can be retrieved and used in social media posts to encourage people to click on your website, and you can take pictures from your office while you work on new products to show the development.

Unwrapping the wrapper

There you have it – some ways you can promote your small business or startup online for free.

Remember that the more time and effort you put into your marketing campaign, the more you will come back from it, so find the time, be consistent, experiment with new ideas and don’t give up. Success is just around the corner! Good luck.

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