Top 7 Shopify Apps for Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Do you run your own Shopify store? Are you worried about your sales? If the answer is yes, then surely you are not using proper up-selling / cross-selling products in your shopify store. Up-selling and cross-selling products are the most effective way to increase your online sales. If you use Shopify to manage your online store, there are multiple Shopify apps that make up-selling and cross-selling easier for you.

We’re going to list the top 7 Shopify apps for up-selling and cross-selling based on our personal preferences.


Honeycomb up-cell and cross-cell

This Shopify app enables up-sale and cross-sale offers on your Thanksgiving page. This app has received a 4.9 star rating in the Shopify App Store with great customer reviews. It promotes your online sales by promoting up-sale offers. This helps you to generate more profit by increasing the AOV (average order value) of your store This Shopify app can display up to 3 targeted cross-cells, which increases your chances of getting customers. It has a unique AI engine scanning method that can advise you to do upsell and cross-cell automation. It can easily be integrated with Bundle Beer and Auto Multi-Currency. There are 4 types of plans – Free, Silver (49.99 per month), Gold ($ 99.99 per month) and Platinum ($ 149.99 per month).

Candy Rack (one click upsell)

One of the best upsell and cross-cell apps for your shopify store. It offers you additional services to offer upsell and cross-selling to your customers, such as free gifts, bundles of related products, one-click upsell popups for mobile devices, etc. This app can be easily integrated with CartHook, Shogun, Gift Box. Vitals, Pagefly. CandyRack is the smartest, easiest and most effective ShopFy app to increase instant sales for your online store. This app is not free, although it has a 14 day free trial for each package. There are 4 types of plans – Basic Shopify (29.99 per month), Standard Shopify ($ 49.99 per month), Advanced Shopify ($ 99.99 per month) and Shopify Plus ($ 199.99 per month).

Convert again

ReConvert is a simple but powerful ShopFy app for your Thanksgiving page optimization. It lets you customize your Thanksgiving page with drag and drop interface. ReConvert is just like an abandoned cart recovery with advanced features. You can easily customize the Thanksgiving page with their built-in templates or create your own template from scratch. This app gives you in-depth analysis of your Thanksgiving page which includes CVR, CTR, Visits, Best Upsell etc. This shopify app can be easily integrated with Klaviyo, Loox, MailChimp, SMSBump etc. There are 4 types of plans – free, PRO Thanksgiving Page ($ 7.99 per month), MVP Thanksgiving Page ($ 14.99 per month) and VIP Thanksgiving Page ($ 29.99 per month).


Zoorix is ​​a simple but effective app for your shopify store. This gives you instant sales growth of up to 25%. It has features that give your customers an automated recommendation (AI based) based on your store order. This app has some awesome features like: slider for AJAX cart, supports multiple languages, volume discounts, bundle specific variants, warranty upsell, supports Shopify location, ROI dashboard and much more. There are 4 types of plans – free, ZOORIX PRO (99 7.99 per month), ZOORIX MVP ($ 14.99 per month) and ZOORIX VIP (. 19.99 per month).

Bold upsell

This app is trusted by 1.5K + merchants. Bold UPSELL can be easily combined with Bold Brain, Google Analytics, Bold Product Options, Bold Discount etc. This allows you to track your upsell performance so you can optimize your offers. With this free addon (Bold Brain), you can easily access upsell recommendations based on your customer activity. This app gives you an advanced level of upsell funnel with conditional reasoning. It has 4 types of plans – Starter (99 9.99 per month), Plus (মাসে 19.99 per month), Premium ($ 39.99 per month) and PRO ($ 59.99 per month).


Increase your sales with This app widget looks like a slider, which can be placed almost anywhere in your shopify store. You can customize the rule system to meet the needs of your customers. This allows you to display static blocks, pop-ups, upsells and cross-cells in sliders using predefined templates. It has a free 7-day trial to try out its great features It only has one plan – performance based (19.99 per month).


Increase your shopify revenue with SellUp – With this shopify app you can create precision based upsells and cross-cells for your online store. SellUp is one of the most powerful apps that lets you show your product recommendations just below the Add to cart button. It has some bright pre-made templates, which enhance the look of your store. It can easily run with any one of these stores: dropshipping, print-on-demand or digital product stores. It can be easily integrated with free upsell app, smart upsell, one click upsell, upsell etc. There are 4 types of plans – Free, Basic ($ 14.99 per month), Growth ($ 39.99 per month), and Plus ($ 59.99 per month).

Conclusion: Maximize your sales with these shopping apps

If you want to improve your store sales you have to think beyond your imagination. With these Shopify apps, you can easily recommend additional products to your customers. In most cases these apps do not require any coding knowledge. These can be easily set up and integrated into your store. But if you have any difficulty installing or setting up these apps, you can hire a Shopify developer for your work. So without wasting your time, use these Shopify apps to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

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